It’s amazing how some projects drag on. My Miata, which still has a pile of parts in the living room, lost priority due to 2 weeks of rallies and the prep that was required for that on the Exocet.

I don’t remember when these LRB Speed full door panels showed up, but it was probably about a month ago. When trying to replace my door cards, I found that my originals were too thrashed behind the scenes (broken clips etc) to use and that buying new OEM ones wasn’t really in the cards.

So I found these LRB speed door panels which are great but a little too racy.

So I made some upholstery to mount on there and put some 1/8th inch foam on the top. I also made some waterjet cut mazda-logo speaker covers.

Driver’s side is more or less done. Passenger probably tonight. The window crank is a work in progress still.