Okay, so there wasn't any timing, but I did bring my cameras!

SmugAardvark (Scott) came along as well as two folks from the Exocet Facebook Page. It was a great time. Fun to chase (and be chased) by Exocets and Vettes!

Chasing SmugAardvark:

SmugAardvark also had a camera, which he used to record chasing me around:

Chasing another Exocet was great fun. We were both naturally aspirated NB-based cars. He was running Megasquirt and I could definitely tell that he had a little bit of an edge with his motor.

It rained for 20-30 minutes in the middle of the day, making the course even more fun. The other Exocet ate a cone pretty good in the wet though.

I did get some clean runs in the dry. The best part of doing a day with no timing and loose rules is how much you can experiment with traction.

Okay, so downsides? Yeah, there are some. I think I flatspotted my tires pretty good. Which is great. Because they're basically brand new. Oops. I guess these are my AutoX tires now?